Samsung Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan


Due to mobile policy and DIRBS system a huge number increase in Smartphone production in Pakistan, Samsung officials have expressed seriousness over the establishment of a Smartphone assembly plant.

Federal Minister Hamad Azhar’s tweet.

ISLAMABAD, Aug 21: Leading Korean technology company Samsung has started serious consideration of setting up an assembly plant in Pakistan. Federal Minister for Industry Hamad Azhar tweeted on social networking site Twitter that Due to the recently introduced mobile policy and DIRBS system, the production of smart phones in Pakistan has increased significantly.

He said that a meeting has been held with top officials of Samsung. The MD and CEO of Samsung Pakistan have appreciated the government’s policy and initiatives. They have expressed seriousness over setting up their Smartphone assembling plant in Pakistan.

On March 11, 2020, the head of Techno Electronics Pakistan had a meeting with the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Hamad Azhar.

Samsung Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

The CEO of Techno Electronics said that the Smartphone assembly plant in Pakistan has started production. The plant will produce 3 million Smartphone handsets annually while its production will reach 13 million annually within a year. He said that the DIRBS system is a key element in opening up a new market because the plant in Pakistan is most efficient than other plants of Techno Electronics. He said that in the next three years, 49 per cent of the handset parts are targeted to be manufactured locally, while there is a huge potential for export of Smartphone, a clear example of which is Vietnam’s annual growth of 37 billion by exports of handsets.


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