Pakistan Gold Reserves 2020


The World Council released the list. In August 2020, the United States had the largest gold reserves at 8133.5 tonnes, while Germany at position 2nd.

NEW YORK (NNI) – The World Gold Council has released a list of countries with the world’s largest gold reserves, and in the list Pakistan ranked 44th and currently has 64.6 tonnes of gold reserves, According to IMF and World Council The United States had the largest gold reserves  which makes up 79% of its total reserves.

Pakistan Gold Reserves 2020
Pakistan Gold Reserves 2020

Germany is second in the list with 3363.6 tons (75.6% of reserves), Italy has 2451.8 tons (71.3%), France has 2436 tons (65.5% of reserves), Russia has 2299.9 tons (23.0%) and China has 1948.3 tons and has 3.4% of the reserves.

Switzerland has 1040.0 tons (6.5% of reserves), Japan has 765.2 tons (3.2% of reserves), India has 657.7 tons (7.5% of reserves), Netherlands has 612.5 tons (71.4% of reserves), and Turkey has 583.0 tons. That’s 37.9 percent of the reserves, while Taiwan has 422.7 tons, (4.7 percent of the reserves).

Portugal has 382.5 tons (77.7% of reserves), Kazakhstan has 378.5 tons (65.5% of reserves), Uzbekistan has 342.8 tons (60% of reserves), UK has 310.3 tons (10.2%) and Lebanon has 286.8 tones (1.6 per cent of its reserves), and 35017.79 tonnes of gold reserves in the world. According to the data released by the World Gold Council, Pakistan is ranked 44th in the list and currently has 64.6 tonnes of gold reserves. Which is 20.7% of its total reserves.

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