How to Overcome Breakup Depression


You’ve often seen while checking your timeline on FaceBook that people post extremely sad pictures or statuses that make you think they’ve been hurt. Why they do that? These people want you to judge them by their status or pictures that they had a bad time or life isn’t going well with them. It’s part of the Feel Better Policy because people want to know friends about sorrows that give them peace of mind as they can’t tell anyway so they use quotations or pictures.

Stop hurting after a break up

Now there will be a large number of people reading this article who are saddened by something. Someone must be sitting with a broken heart, someone will not forget their failure, someone will be upset because of a recent breakup, and someone will be saddened by the loss of trust and disgrace again and again, and not only that Victims do not return to normal life despite the passage of time. If you are also a victim of this confusion or have failed or had a break-up, and you are constantly thinking negative things about yourself due to an incident like this. So today we have mentioned one hundred percent practical tips to Overcome Breakup Depression and move forward, by following which you will feel better and lighter.

Here is 6 ways to overcome breakup depression

1. Recognize what happened to you by being realistic.

First of all, you should forget that life will always be like a flower for you because not only human beings but every living thing even a small worm works hard to survive life. Because often your brain has not accepted such undesirable events. You will never be able to move forward unless you accept the situation. This will help you in how stop hurting after a break up

2. Write the details of the incident on a page.

You may have heard about it or maybe you have read somewhere about a poet who started writing poetry after his heart was broken. So, writing down your feelings on a paper will help you reduce it.

3. Always keep your eyes open.

Every accident in our life definitely teaches us something, so instead of sitting around frustrated, we should think that we can’t end it now, but we can learn something from it.

4. Don’t hesitate to cry.

You may have heard most people say that men should not cry or a weak man cries. If the crying of men is so bad then surely Allah Almighty does not give men tear glands nor is their connection with the heart. We all need to understand that crying naturally lightens the burden of trauma and heartache. People who do not shed tears due to alcoholism are under constant stress and often lead to suicide.

5. Listen to the people around you.

Whenever you get any kind of trauma, instead of asking why I was so bad, you look at the people around you and you will see that no one has clothes to wear. Being humiliated for bread someone has nothing to give to their children due to poverty someone lives the life of an orphan despite having parents and these observations will tell you that your trauma is nothing in front of these people’s problems.

6. Don’t impose the past on your present and future.

Most people do not understand that our past is for learning and not for ruining the present and the future because what has happened in the past cannot be changed but if you keep remembering the sorrows and traumas of the past even in the present. Then your hands will become emptier, as if in the past if you have suffered humiliation because of someone; forget it because time is never the same.


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