10 Movies based on Humanity Expose


Human nature is the most difficult to interpret. The saying that the human heart separates the belly has been applied to any occasion since ancient times. Especially when one’s own life is threatened, that is when humanity is nakedly tortured. The following 10 classic movies intuitively reflect this problem. After watching, suppose what you would do in the situation at that time.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins

Director: David Fincher

There is nothing to say about this film. The seven deadly sins of the Catholic Church: arrogance, jealousy, rage, laziness, greed, gluttony, and lust are themselves human nature. Who dares to say that he has not committed these seven sins? This is just the original sin of mankind. And what the movie touches is the darkest place of human nature. Although it is fictional, its breath has entered the real thoughts and emotions.

  • The Beautiful Legend of Sicily

Director: Giuseppe Tonadore

The first time I watched this movie, I was watching it with a relaxed mood, but I didn’t expect it to be very heavy after watching it. Some people think this is a political metaphor, and the fate of the heroine Marlene coincides with the rise and fall of Mussolini’s government. Some people think that this is a literary and artistic film, and beauty is also a mistake, but some people simply regard it as Erotica to watch. And I think this movie is all about human nature, the ugliness of human nature, and the glory of human nature. The originally kind-hearted heroine Malian provokes criticism for being too beautiful. Men do not want to possess her. Women are jealous of her and slander her, and the ugliness of human nature is revealed in this.

  • Holy Sorrow

Director: Kim Kidd

This is a movie about love, money, ethics, revenge, compassion, and humanity. When all these are integrated, it is extremely cruel. Mother finally said with tears on the roof, “Jiang Dao is also a poor man.” Who is actually not pitiful? The same goes for people who have revenge. The ancients have a word for a reward. In fact, no one can save anyone. Sin and death are cold realities, and they are also the speechless but most ruthless torture for those who understand love.

  • Chain Saw series

Director: Wen Ziren

Under the guise of a thriller, Chainsaw Horror reveals the shortcomings of human nature incisively and vividly. We see the ugliness of human nature in order to understand its cruelty, to know good and evil, and to distinguish between good and bad with gratitude. Before doing things, teach us to ask our own conscience, which side the balance of good and evil is tilted, the good and evil will eventually pay not, but the time has not come.

  • The Mist

Director: Frank Drapant

He has always been obsessed with the routine: the protagonist is trapped in a certain place, and is rescued by trying to break out of the siege. Distrust between people is more terrifying than foreign things. This is what I like about Stephen King. He is not pure horror. He has thinking, metaphors and endless despair.

  • Dark Invasion

Director: Neil Marshall

The movie’s ugly portrayal of human nature is even more unbearable for the audience. It would be a terrible thing if the human body and mind were all filled with animality. They don’t have any human touch. You can’t call them humans at all. They are just living bodies, just a bloody and violent body.

  • A Clockwork Orange

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Weird but wonderfully violent movie. Such a movie can be made in 1971. What kind of worldview does Kubrick have? There is no pure evil in this world, and there is no pure good. This world is full of violence, but violence is used to control violence. We expect freedom to be bound by various social norms.

  • Dog Town

Director: Lars von Trier

When it comes to describing human nature, this film is unprecedented. After watching this movie, I froze for a full 10 minutes. I was immersed in despair. This is a great movie. It presents human nature in front of the audience and adopts the form of drama, which fits the theme of the film’s repression. The heroine Grace is kind in nature and treats every resident of Dogtown sincerely, but the people in Dog town are not grateful. They think that she should pay for her residency rights. The film shows step by step along with Grace. Changes in status, changes in people’s attitudes towards her. When people got the legal right to harm her, Grace became a slave completely. In such a situation where others can be legally dominated, all the evil hidden in the hearts of the original kind residents of Dogtown burst out.

  • Batman Prequel: The Dark Knight

Director: Christie Nolan

When it comes to this film, all netizens will blurt out: clowns. Everyone seems to have blindly worshipped the clown played by Ledger. In my opinion, Ledger’s superb acting skills are only one aspect of the success of the image of the clown, and more of it lies in the screenwriter’s setting of this character. Clown crimes are all clever designs using human weaknesses. At the beginning of the bank robbery, he used criminals’ greedy psychology to kill each other, and finally monopolized all the results. And in several subsequent encounters with Batman, he also seized the opportunity everywhere, showing the charm of a criminal with a high IQ. Therefore, just like Hannibal in “The Silent Lambs”, although he is the opposite character, loved by the audience. However, the last time he fought, the Joker was defeated, because the gloom in his heart made him only see the gloom of human nature, but not the kind of human nature. It can be said that the Joker has never lost to Batman, but lost to himself. No one shows us a different Batman and a different comic hero in this kind of human nature discussion between good and evil.

  1. obey

Director: Craig Zobe

The limited scenes and characters, the straightforward and compact narrative, and the mockery of human defects present an exquisite small-format work. When a self-proclaimed policeman made an unreasonable request on an unreasonable charge, the protagonist chose to obey, and the people around him chose to silence and retreat in order to avoid getting involved and even became accomplices. Through the adaptation of real cases in the United States, the film presents the weaknesses of human nature one by one. In the face of disasters, people often lose their calm and rational judgment and often choose to blindly obey under power or threat. And such cases occurred in the United States not one or two, but as many as seventy. It is really thought-provoking.


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